February 2017



Works are well underway for the LIFE Sandringham townhomes at 71 Abbott St. Basement works are on schedule and with the basement floor due to be poured in the coming week. It will then proceed through to 3 level concrete walls throughout the project and sail-like curved steel framing. Unlike many projects during the construction phase, the form and structures presented in the early stages will have a dramatic effect on the landscape. An enormous amount of work also goes on behind the scenes. Sceam builders, the LIFEproject group, and our site superintendant Shaun McMahon are all extremely happy with its progress, with every stage programmed to meticulous detail. Everyone involved in the project is truly excited watching all the hard work come to life.

NEW PROJECT – Life by Martin Friedrich Architects

Martin’s exclusive style introduces a minimalistic contemporary design with seamless indoor-outdoor living. Renowned for he’s clean and crisp lines, striking facades and dramatic spaces, Martins world-class vision and design for the new project is truly inspired. Martin and one of he’s previously acclaimed projects in Brighton, an inspiration for the design, is featured in this months House and Garden magazine. Martin Friedrich Architects other works and publications are also available through their website.


For any queries regarding any details above please email Gareth Bradly at gareth@lifeprojects.com.au or ring Gareth direct on 0402 282 241.